Private, neutral and independent financial management company

Estate management

We travel the financial markets with passion, but act in a thoughtful and structured manner. We check that the defined strategy is adhered to and that the quality of the elements is maintained. We take advantage of opportunities in your interest when they arise. Diversification alone is not enough.


Discretionary management

You instruct us to manage your assets based on your risk profile and your objectives, as well as parameters which we will have assessed and prepared in advance. You benefit from our asset management expertise as well as from the open-ended architecture of our network of partners.


Advisory management

This solution is designed for all those wishing to benefit from our skills and our network while retaining the power to take their own decisions. The freedom which Swinvest has to choose its partners, associates and contact partners allows us to guarantee you consulting services with no conflict of interests.


Investment strategies



Strategy aimed above all at long-term capital preservation with a low level of risk (recommended investment horizon of between 3 and 5 years).



Investment objective focusing on average, long-term capital growth (recommended investment horizon of between 5 and 7 years).



Greater, long-term potential capital growth, but subject to greater fluctuations (recommended investment horizon of between 8 and 10 years).


Need some advice?

Our advisers are at your disposal for a no-obligation consultation.

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